Caring for your nipples on the Feeding Journey

Caring for your nipples on the Feeding Journey

Whether you’re breastfeeding, pumping, or both, it’s important to care for your nipples to prevent any damage occurring. Damaged nipples can be common during the beginning of the feeding journey, and it’s paramount you get on top of it early!

When pumping, your nipples can sometimes become sensitive and cracked from moisture loss or friction; and when breastfeeding, they can become blistered, grazed and bruised. A lot of women can experience bleeding nipples which can then become painful and scabbed. Healing damaged nipples is difficult when your baby is depending on you, so using a natural based salve keeps the skin supple and prevents cracking and scabbing so that you’re not dreading breastfeeding!

Steps to take:
- From 37 weeks of pregnancy, applying a balm or salve to your nipples daily is a good place to start. It helps you to familiarize yourself with your body and can help in reducing sensitivity as well. You may even notice you’ve got some colostrum (the first golden drops of milk) too! You may want to consider expressing some of that and freezing for later!
- When baby has arrived (hooray!) the first few feeds will be what paves the way for your nipples, so make sure your baby has a WIDE open mouth every time when latching onto the breast (your midwife or LC can check this for you if you’re not sure). Keep that nipple salve nearby to apply after each feed, shower or whenever you remember!
- Have a good look at your nipple when baby comes off, it shouldn’t be misshapen, pinched looking or white in colour. If it is, it may mean baby hasn’t had quite the big mouthful of breast and can lead to damage down the track. Don’t settle for anything but the best latch!
- If you already have damaged nipples from feeding, and you’re finding it very painful when latching baby, then generously applying a good balm is very important, and you may need to consider resting your nipples by pumping for the next few feeds so that you have time to heal. Discuss a plan with your LMC or lactation consultant.
- If you’re a mama who is exclusively pumping and giving EBM to baby then a natural based nipple salve is essential for preventing and reducing friction. Especially if you’re a hands-free pumping mama!

Precious Delivery Nipple Salve is lanolin based, which is then hand-blended with lecithin and jojoba oil to give it a silky consistency. It’s easy to apply and golden in colour, effective in healing and soothing. You don’t have to wipe it off before feeding!

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